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Program Overview

We offer International Early Years Education, following the foundation stage curriculum. A thematic approach will be used as our main teaching approach which teaching involves integrating all subject areas together under one theme. Our role is to help children to make progress across all areas of learning so that they are well equipped and eager to continue learning when they get to primary school.

Thematic Approach

Thematic Approach is a way of teaching and learning, It crosses over subject lines and helps children relate basic academic skills to real-world ideas. This could be a week-long theme, a month long theme, or a theme for a semester or even for a year. Sometimes themes are very specific, for example, children might be learning about transportation as a four-week theme. All of their classroom activities would be tied into the theme during the unit. Thematic units are common in preschool classes since preschool children learn through interactive, hands-on activities.

Why Thematic Approach important?

  1. Teaching thematically helps children make sense of what they are being taught since content areas are integrated and not made to stand-alone.
  2. Children are able to retain more information when it is not presented as isolated facts, but rather as part of a whole.
  3. Thematic units encourage the involvement of all students through topics relevant to them.
  4. Children are able to relate to real-world experiences and build on prior knowledge of a topic.
  5. Thematic units also help teachers teach to the different learning styles of their students.

What is the procedure of Thematic Approach?

  1. Selecting or deciding a theme or thematic unit
  2. Selecting topics from different subjects that are related to the theme
  3. Planning different activities that are related to the theme
  4. Selecting instructional materials to be used
  5. Designing assessment and evaluation tools

We provide 4 Outstanding Programs:

Our program

Age Group Program
3 Years Old
  • Gross Motor Activities, Fine Motor Activities , Self-help Skill Practice, Cognitive Activities, Social Skill Practice
  • Thematic Program
4-6 years old
  • Physical Activities
  • Music and movement
  • Learning Corner
  • Thematic Program

We believe that children learn best through play and active participation in an environment where self-expression, creativity, and curiosity are encouraged. Our curriculum was created to provide educational activities that allow our students to move and play while they learn.

We offer a carefully designed balance of quality experiences that will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning. It also incorporates the Malaysian and International Curriculum to prepare children to Primary one or Year one at Private or International schools.